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Helping the Needed


We are all aware of this pandemic times and what this lock-down is doing to the poorest of the poor. We would like to raise funds to buy 200 kits with dry food items to distribute with daily workers in Telengana, Karnataka and Kerala. The Food Survival Kits will be made of Rice, Dhal, Oil, sugar, spices and soups. Each kit costs ₹1000 and we can benefit 200 families. Please help us to help. Do your bit and donate a kit.


  • Provide nutritious meals. 

  • Groom the children to independently perform daily activities

  • Support them to identify and explore avenues of self-employment toward achieving financial independence

  • Empower parents throughout their journey in raising these children


We design services based on individual needs. These include;


  • Therapeutic services through physiotherapy and occupational therapy to develop physical and mental abilities as well as speech therapy to develop communication skills 

  • Pre-school training to prepare children to learn self-control and actively benefit from going to school 

  • Computer training such as on basics of computers and using MS Word and the internet 

  • Horticulture for those who have not, and cannot, go to school

  • Candle making, baking, pottery, and other vocational classes that can serve as a means of livelihood in future 

  • Networking and advocacy by organizing parents of these children and their relatives and friends into self-help and support groups 

  • Identifying employment opportunities in a safe environment where the rights of those with disabilities is respected


Our permanent staff include a therapist, horticulturist, nurse, and caretaker. We provide speech and psychological group therapy through our tie-up with Chandrasekhar Institute of Hearing and Speech Therapy. We have vans with dedicated staff for ensuring comfortable pick-up-and-drop facilities for these children.

Get Involved today and Contribute!

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