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Don Orione Tution Centre & Feeding Program

“We will not ask a person coming at our door if he has a name, but only if he is suffering.” -St. Louis Orione (Founder of The Sons of Divine Providence)


We facilitate holistic education for children from an economically poor background through several free programs aimed at ensuring they benefit from formal schooling and access to basic facilities out of their reach. We have set up two tuition centers in Karnataka, one each in Bangalore and Chandanaduru Village, Gauribidanur Taluk, and the other in Kerala.


To ensure children complete their schooling and benefit to the maximum extent possible.


Our holistic education is conveyed through formal lessons, prayers, songs, and skits, and above all, is infused with passion to serve and love. Our free services include;

  • Evening tuitions

  • School fees sponsorship

  • Regular medical checkups

  • Spoken English lessons

  • Nutritious meals

  • Personal hygiene lessons

We firmly believe that an educated parent brings up an educated family. It is our dream to extend our education to the parents of children at our center through self-employment projects and spoken English lessons.

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