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The THAYI Project empowers mothers in Byrathi village, Bengaluru to achieve financial self-sufficiency.


The THAYI project was launched in 2007. The English translation of ‘THAYI’ is ‘mother’ and as the name suggests, this project aims to help the mothers of the youth at Don Orione Daya Niketan.


To support these women in finding avenues of gainful self-employment. Today, these mothers who have never had formal education dream of making their children doctors and engineers.


Mothers at our center can opt for training in the following;

  • Making long-stitched pictures in different patterns 

  • Tailoring activities such as embroidery on household linen including doilies, runners, and kitchen towels and sewing tablecloths in various shapes and sizes 

  • Making terracotta jewelry, bags, and quilts

  • Pottery and stonework

  • Business development, management, and marketing

  • Mentoring children at Don Orione Daya Niketan, our day-care center for youth with intellectual disabilities

Get Involved today and Contribute!

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