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12th March 2023 - Orione Seva/ Kripa Trust – the charitable arm of the Sons of Divine Providence celebrates Orionine Missionary Day by opening the Sneha dispensary with the Free Medical Camp at Orione Seva Estate, Chandanaduru.

Orione Seva works for the marginalized of the society especially in the peripheries and it also runs centers in the rural villages of Gauribidanur Taluk since 10 years. “From our experience working in the villages, we often realized that the care for health especially of the children is not paid enough attention. Most of the time it is not the fault of the people it is simply that there are not many health care facilities available in the surrounding areas and we also had few cases like if proper care were to be given in time, some preventive measures could have been taken to avoid fatal situations. Unfortunately, it was not so. As a response to it, Orione Seva, having felt the need of a health center, build a dispensary with the help of the donors. We are immensely grateful to Maria Luisa Fornasari and Giuliana Guida for the dispensary building that we are inaugurating with the prayer of blessings by Rev. Fr. Martin, the Regional Superior for India. He expressed his sentiments in the following words –“Today, it also marks the 83rd death anniversary of our founder St. Louis Orione who always wanted his sons to go to the peripheries. We are indeed happy that on his dies natalis we are able to fulfill a part of his desire”.

On this inaugural day, Orione seva, in the sneha dispensary, has also organized a free general medical camp especially for children, women and the aged residing at the rural villages of Gauribidanur Taluk. There were 5 doctors from Bangalore with various specialization. The children were among the many who benefited the most. This free health camp helped us to clarify understand the common sicknesses and the preventive measures that we have to focus in.

Fr. George Fernandes, the director for social works in Gauribidanur, who was also behind the organization of the medical camp, expressed his deep sense of gratitude to all. “It was a collaborative work with Claretinan Missionary Fathers with their project vision team, Jesus Mary and Joseph sisters with their doctors and nurses (free medicines etc), St. John’s Hospital with their doctors, Members from St. Vincent de Paul society, Marthahalli Bangalore with their financial support, and the youth from the St. Antony Church Marthahalli with their volunteer service.”

One of the volunteers expressed that it was an amazing experience away from Bangalore. She also added that people in this area need more attention and we are very happy that as a team we chose to have an experience in the peripheries.

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