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On 11th February 2023, Orione Seva organized an outreach program for the special Children with intellectual disabilities. The Day Care Centers in Bangalore and in Gauribidanur run by Orione Seva participated in it. The children from the two Day Care Centers had an opportunity to meet up with and also to explore together some adventurous places. The Children have been waiting eagerly for a day out for a long time. Gratitude to God that finally they had an opportunity to make it. They were repeatedly asking as when they would be taken for it. We could imagine the excitement that the children had says one of the staff members. Our inmate children need special attention and care so, every child was accompanied by a volunteer in order to render a better and safe day out. Apart from the staff members and the program coordinators of other social work units of Orione Seva, the novices from St. Charles Borromeo Novitiate rendered their valuable and priceless time and service to our children”.

The day started off from the Orione Seva - Dayaniketan centre Bangalore around 8 am. One of the children says “there was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the music and the dancing in the bus”.

We stopped for breakfast at Doddaballapur Church.

We reached our first spot for the day the Jallianwala Bagh of Karnataka, at Viduraswatha. The other children of the day care center Dayaniketan in Gauribidanur were accompanied by their Director Fr. George Fernandes and the staff team reached the spot and all the children were delighted to meet with each other. Teacher Appalla animated them with recreational activities and also guided all in the park.

After a valuable time spent in the park and a delicious lunch at St. Joseph Nivas Gauribidanur the children were animated with fun games.

After a much delighted entertainment they were taken to Dr. H.N. Science Centre in Gauribidanur where they were exposed to the wonders of Science and Technology. Every single child had the opportunity to explore the science center in a detailed manner as every child was accompanied by a volunteer. Br. Jasbir, one of the coordinators expressed that the exposure program brought a lot of happiness to everyone especially to the special children. One of the volunteers sister also expressed that “I was very glad to spend a whole day with these special and lovely children” and she further added that “it was a pleasant day and I have learnt to find my true joy in them.”

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Feb 16, 2023
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