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Only charity will save the world!
- Saint Luigi Orione


At Orione Seva, we believe in making a difference and adding value to people's lives, one small good deed at a time. 


Orion Seva, established in 2003, is the Indian branch of “The Sons of Divine Providence,” a Roman Catholic religious congregation founded by Saint Luigi Orione (1872–1940) in Italy in 1893. Orion Seva is inspired by its founder’s motto “Do good always, do good to all, harm nobody.” Don Orione is remembered for his commitment to social justice, diversity, and equality and the selfless service rendered unquestioningly to those in need. We remain committed to his principles and our services are open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

We believe in promoting individual well-being, dignity, and independence as well as community involvement. Orione Seva empowers disadvantaged women and children by teaching them the necessary skills to earn their livelihood and by educating women to save; ensuring the education of children through sponsorships; providing a holistic and supportive environment as well as education and nutrition; and by building the capacity of severely intellectually challenged children to perform daily activities independently. We have reached out to 500 children and 150 women since 2000. We work with the poor communities of Chikka Byrathi village near Bangalore and with children and youth with intellectual disabilities across Bangalore. We are also currently working to reach out to more communities in Kerala and Andhra Pradesh.

Come, join us on this journey, one small step and one good deed at a time!

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Orion Seva directly and indirectly contributes to improving the lives of disadvantaged sections of society

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It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

- Mr. Suresh Kalakoti

Excellent work. Making difference to the community.

- Mr. Prabhat

Very excellent Organization. Very impressive and beautiful place. Liked all the birds and animals. The ambiance is so peaceful and all students are happy and engaged.


- Krystle Sanders & Cynthia Baker



A snapshot of the daily life of our family consisting of the children and women we work with and the staff and volunteers at our centers.

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